5 Good Things

Well, I missed a week of my 5 Good Things post. I have struggled to keep up with what day it actually is, and what posts I need to be writing. All the days really run together without our regularly scheduled outings! Clearly, a new plan is in order. I’ll get right on that after I’m done with my list 😉

5 Good Things
  1. We started keeping Thankful journals as part of our school day. It’s a really quick exercise. I ask Eva and Klaus (and myself) “What are 3 things you’re thankful for today?” and jot down their answers in their journals. Sophia is keeping her own journal, and so she writes it out for herself. This has just been such a sweet addition to our days and a good way to reset when we’re in a bad frame of mind.
  2. I’m thankful for the ability to garden and the time to get some outside projects done. It’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend, and I can’t wait to try to finish weeding the side garden.
  3. I have a workout buddy again! One of my awesome sisters-in-law and I have been off-and-on workout buddies for years, and we’re back to it. We workout at the same time every morning of the week, and it is such a great motivator and mood booster to know somebody else is powering through with you!
  4. So far, quarantine is great for our gas budget! We’re not going anywhere! hahahaha Okay, the crazed laughter might be getting out of hand, but you know. We’re taking wins wherever we can find them!
  5. It is late on a Friday. My children are asleep in bed, my house is clean, my homeschool week is complete, and my husband might be done working by midnight. I’m so thankful that he has work, and that he is such a dedicated provider for our family.

And that’s it for another week, friends. Hope that you are all staying happy and healthy in this incredibly bizarre time!