5 Good Things.

I’ve been wanting to start a gratitude series on Fridays, and if ever there was a week for it, this is it! I’m sure we’re all equally tired of the headlines and the exhaustion of trying to keep up with what’s happening, but not freak out, but still do the right thing for our families. I know I am! The world is in a frenzy. As much as I wish it didn’t, it affects me. My mind is a busy, busy place right now, and it’s good to take a few minutes to just be thankful. Because you know what? For all that is crazy in the world, my world hasn’t changed that much. The Lord is still in control. I still live have a home and the ability to home educate my children. My husband is still employed and able to provide for us. We’re all healthy. All in all, things aren’t really that bad.

Sure, there’s a lot to be cautious about. We’re “social distancing” and I’m not going to lie, that has been a tough change for our homeschool. Shocker there, I know! (We school at home, but there are LOTS of things we like to go out and do–for my sanity as well as the kids’). I’m struggling to come to terms with that. And trying to figure out what our ‘crisis homeschool’ should look like so we all will still like each other whenever we can get out again!

All that to really get to this point: it is a great time to practice gratitude. So here are 5 good things about this crazy tumultuous week.

5 Good Things
  1. Free stuff! There are so many free resources for homeschooling and entertainment popping up. Free viewings of the Metropolitan opera, free access to audiobooks and stories from Scribd and Audible, and lots of educational video resources popping up. I’m taking notes and saving web addresses of things to add into our school days ‘just for fun’ in these crazy long home-afternoons.
  2. The weather! It has been rainy, but we have managed to get outside every day this week. The warmer temps and flowers popping out are just divine. As I write, a seductively balmy breeze is pouring through our open doors and windows. It is so much easier to take things in stride when you’re walking around, breathing the fresh air, and watching spring bloom around you.
  3. The wealth of books we have at our fingertips. Our library is closed now, but we have plenty to read! Physical and Digital! And the eLibrary is still working!
  4. The squirrels in our trees outside. They are such funny little creatures. We’ve been watching them every day–well, really all the wildlife we can see from our windows. The kids point out the few birds they recognize, and we like to observe the path they make through the treetops.
  5. I’m thankful that it’s Friday. I have some a good cleaning list to tackle this afternoon, and we’re going to go into the weekend ready to mentally relax for a couple days. I’m hoping to read some fiction and decompress in a different world!

You know what’s funny about gratitude? When you start really thinking about it, there are so many more things than will fit on a list. I started this post thinking, ‘Yeah, I can probably make it to 5 things if I really give it a go.’ 5 things later and my cup runneth over. Have a wonderful weekend of staying home and relaxing, friends. Enjoy this cocoon of time with your loved ones and few outside obligations. And when it all seems to be too much, just start a gratitude list 😉