What I Read: February 2019

February was a decent month for reading, but if I don’t up my game in March I’ll be behind again. For what it’s worth, my currently reading stack is mountainous, so there’s a good chance that I’ll finish a few things and be ahead in March. Such is the ebb and flow of the reading life…

Anyways, I read 8 books in February–4 less than my January count. February is a short month, but not that short, ha. There’s no good excuse either. I started a few new things, but just wasn’t as focused as I needed to be.

  1. Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis ~ This was a re-read. It is such a fun experience to share these books that I loved as a child with my children, and The Chronicles of Narnia are some of my favorites to relive.
  2. The Pearl that Broke It’s Shell by Nadia Hashimi ~ This one was tough mentally, but it was an excellent read, and great exercise for my sometimes too comfortable reading life. If you’re looking for an immersive book about a very different lifestyle and culture, I highly recommend this. It was riveting.
  3. Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes ~ This was definitely the best parenting book I’ve read in quite some time. So much of what Eanes writes made so much sense to me and really changed how I relate to my kids.
  4. Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott ~ There were some good tips in here, and I definitely came away with some pointers for things that I’d like to change in my attitude and bearing. Some of it was lost on me though. For example, I don’t want to wear the same clothes I wear to go out when I’m relaxing at home. I just don’t. Sometimes I want to put on my pajamas when I’m finished in the kitchen and lounge for the rest of the night. I’m just saying. It’s not that I value being comfortable over being classy all the time… but definitely some of the time. Ha!
  5. Better Together by Pam Barnhill ~ This book about implementing a “Morning Time” gathering as an element in the school day was a wealth of ideas. We already do a morning time gathering, but this book gave me some new ideas and vision for going forward as the kids get older.
  6. Sisters Like Us by Susan Mallery ~ This was a quick, light read. It is apparently the fourth book in a series, but it was definitely stand alone. I wouldn’t have even known it was a series book if I hadn’t looked at Goodreads.
  7. The Light over London by Julia Kelly ~ Definitely my favorite new fiction read of the month. This book is just my cup of tea–dual timelines, World War II, mysteries. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling ~ Another reread. I reread these every year or two, but this time has been especially fun because Sophia is a lot more interested in the story. We had a few good rants about Umbridge together this time.

So there it is. What I read in February. My goal for March is to not fall behind, so I have to read at least ten books. We’re moving this month, so it could get a bit hairy. Hopefully audiobooks while I’m packing and cleaning will help me out…

What was your favorite book of February? Let me know in the comments!