Rainy Day Cookies

Rainy Day Cookies

Ever wake up to a rainy day and just think “Cookies!”? The only thing my kids love more than making cookies is eating them.  Chocolate chip or peanut butter.  Oatmeal or snickerdoodles.  A good cookie can make a good morning great, and turn a bad day right side up  Since (I’m sure) we all agree cookies are a very good thing, I thought I’d share my favorite tip for making sure those cookies are accessible when you need them… but not toooooo accessible.

Here’s the thing–there are only 5 people in my family, and most of the cookie recipes we love make between 3 and 6 dozen cookies.  And the other thing–if the cookies are there, we will eat them.  In one weekend.  As a service to my waistline, and my kids’ attitudes (they don’t need that much sugar in a day or a weekend any more than I do) we now make Rainy Day Cookies.

The Secret to Rainy Day Cookies…

It’s pretty easy.  After baking one tray of cookies (with a reasonable number for the day, not something too arbitrary), I package the dough up into smallish portions and pop it into the freezer.  And there it stays, happily out of sight and mind until there’s a crazy day upon us.  Whenever that day comes, I can just pull a container out, let it thaw for a bit, and pop cookies into the oven.  Not stale cookie jar cookies–just fresh cookie goodness, without the hassle and mess of trying to whip up a batch on a day that may already going badly.

Bonus: Splitting up batches of cookie dough like that not only spreads the fun of cookies out longer, but its great for the budget.  Cookies multiple times for the price of one?  Yes please!

Need some inspiration for your cookie cravings?  Allow me…

These Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies are divine.  This has become my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe. That really is saying a lot.  I used my last chocolate chip cookie recipe exclusively ever since I started baking cookies 20 years ago or so… when I was 5…  Yep.  Y’all need these in your life.  Go check out the recipe!