Mothers Day Interviews

Mothers day interviews with my kids are my favorite.  It is such a treasure to know that in years to come I’ll be able to read over these and remember the silly little mannerisms and varying levels of knowledge that accompany each age.  Honestly, it doesn’t have to be a mothers day interview–I like doing them for birthdays and other holidays too.  But, without further ado–

Mothers Day Interviews

  1. What is Mommy’s name? K: Mommy Peterson.  S: Mommy Elizabeth
  2. What is something Mommy says to you? K: “You’re my little penguin”.  S: “Make bed.”
  3. What makes Mommy happy? K: I do. S: Coloring and Painting.
  4. What makes Mommy sad? K: ….. S: Not coloring with each other
  5. How does Mommy make you laugh? K: A penguin does. S: Jokes
  6. What was Mommy like as a child? K: ummmmm….. S: Sophia, and Klaus, and Eva.
  7. How old is Mommy? K: 56. S: 15.
  8. How tall is Mommy?K: Thissss tall (with gesture) S: 20 feet tall–taller than me.
  9. What is Mommy’s favorite thing to do? K: Paint. S: Color and Paint and do wonderful things.
  10. What does Mommy do when you’re not around? K: Don’t horse around. S: Well, we go to sleep, and then you clear up the living room, and then we tear it apart.
  11. If Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for? K: A airplane. S: You will be the first one in the whole wide world enchanted ground.
  12. What is Mommy really good at? K: Um. Horsing around. S: Making wonderful food for us.
  13. What is Mommy not very good at? K: Not horsing around. S: Working on the tv and working on the lamp
  14. What does Mommy do for her job? K: Helps me clean up my toys. S: Cleans up everything and I line up the weights.
  15. What is Mommy’s favorite food? K: Macaroni and cheese. S: Mushrooms and mozzerella cheese, fresh tomatoes, onion, peas. (A jingle from a book we read recently.)
  16. What makes you proud of Mommy? K: A princess. S: Putting on pictures and making curtains and thanking everybody.
  17. If Mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be? K: An airplane. S: An enchanted girl.
  18. What do you and Mommy do together? K: Eat or paint. S: We color when Klaus is asleep. 
  19. How are you and Mommy the same? K: (after a lot of thought…) Booties (He gets up and leaves the interview) S: Because we got twin hairs.
  20. How are you and Mommy different? S: We don’t have the same clothes on.
  21. How do you know Mommy loves you? S: We have twin skin.
  22. Where is Mommy’s favorite place to go? S: To the park and to the voting place.
  23. How does Mommy like to relax? S: Lay down on the couch.

I have learned several things from this.  Firstly, my children think that I like to paint.  Secondly, Klaus’ attention span is about 5 questions shorter than the interview.  As always, what a trip.  These kids make me laugh every day.  I love them so!

Happy Mothers Day to all you momma’s out there.  Hope your day was filled with sweet baby kisses, and all the most wonderful parts of motherhood.

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  1. Love the Mother’s Day interviews. Such a wonderful way to document these sweet kiddos!

    • EllaP

      Thank you! I love remembering the funny little things they say and do!

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