KIDS BOOK REVIEW: Knuffle Bunny Series by Mo Willems

Series: Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems

Genre: Children’s Literature

The Knuffle Bunny series is 3 books, beginning with Knuffle Bunny: An Unexpected Detour, followed by Knuffle Bunny Too, and ending with Knuffle Bunny Free.

The books follow a little girl named Trixie and her lovey Knuffle-Bunny as she has a series of adventures.  She goes to Amsterdam, the laundry mat, and meets another little girl with a lovey that looks exactly like Knuffle Bunny.  The more-or-less ordinary events are made extraordinary by the believable, hugely entertaining tone of Mo Willems writing.  The illustrations are unique too, combining realism and a few weird cartoonish elements just to keep things interesting.

The series comes to a natural end in Knuffle Bunny Free, and I thought that in and of itself was cute and unique.  At least in my reading repertoire so far, there aren’t any children’s series that have ends, let alone good endings.  The popular school of thought seems to be to just keep going if you have an idea that is selling.  I definitely respect Mo Willems for moving on.  We haven’t read many of his other books yet, but they are on our “to-read” list for some point in the near future.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 stars