Morning Conversations with the 2 year old

Sophia wakes up and comes out to the living room, just beaming like an actual ray of sunshine.

“Good morning, sunshine!” I say, kissing her forehead. “How did you sleep?”

Still smiling, she tilts her head to one side and says, “Last night, dear, while I was sleeping,”

Wow, I start thinking to myself, I’m really getting the unrevised version this morning!

“I dreamed I held you in my arms,”

It begins to dawn on me that she’s quoting the verse of the You are My Sunshine song, but her voice just lilts up and down a little, not really singing.

“But when I woke up, I was mistaken, so I laid my head down and cried.” (Seriously, some other day I’m going to get into how depressing that verse is.  Another day, another day, another day…)

She is just grinning and grinning.  One of the two braids she went to sleep in has fallen out and her hair is wild and fluffy around her face.  Sometimes I’m just stunned and in awe of the little girl that my baby is becoming and this is one of those times, so I kiss her cheek and say, “Wow, all that in one night?”

She leans back a little to look at me, eyes wide.  “It was ‘dicolous.”

So. Much. Laughter.