Family Schedule Product Bundle Review and Giveaway!

family schedule

**UPDATE: This giveaway has ended! Please check your email inbox if you entered! Thanks for participating 🙂 Today I’m reviewing a family schedule and chore chart from Love My Schedule. I think you’re going to love this magnetic family schedule as much as I do! Spoiler alert: They’re magnetic, wet-erase, and they don’t fall off…

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Homeschool Planning Series: Homeschool Curriculum 2017-2018


Today in homeschool planning: The homeschool curriculum we will be using during the 2017-2018 school year! The why, how, and what of it all… Since that definitely wasn’t too dramatic, I’ll just jump right in to our homeschool curriculum choices for the year. We actually had our first day of school yesterday. Sophia is very…

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Homeschool Planning: 5 Steps to Your First Homeschool Year

First year of homeschool planning is happening now! Probably for homeschoolers all over the world, but definitely here in our house. I’m surrounded by books, and at least 5 homeschool-related tabs are open in my browser–I’m so excited about this! Who am I planning for? Well, Sophia is reading well and ready for a (slightly)…

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