Into the Woods: Blogging


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A Blogging Journey, in brief

Once upon a time about 9 years ago, I started blogging. I was still in high school and it was just another way for me to delve into the writing world. Blogging stayed with me, though in sporadic and mainly personal ways, through my school years. When I married my superman, it changed names to reflect my life change. As we began growing our family and my focus grew, it changed again. I had a run at book reviewing, and really enjoyed it. Book reviews have stayed with me. Posts about my family have stayed. Occasional deeper posts about my thoughts on life and memories have remained as well. Throughout the years, I occassionally wondered how on earth people made money blogging. It would briefly ignite my interest, and then I would move on. Not the most productive way to pursue an idea!

Enter 2017. I started out in the end of last year studying my Superman’s CCNA textbook in some freetime, thinking that I could slowly work towards a certification just for kicks. As we both delved deeper into IT related fields, I took a course on HTML and CSS and discovered that I really enjoy website design. More courses followed–Codecademy and make it so easy to go for it. I plunged down the rabbit hole and haven’t looked back yet. As I learned more about the way the web works, SEO and analytics made more sense. When I started reading about WordPress, that little seed of curiosity about blogging began to grow again.

And here I am, in a new blog space. This blog is two things. First of all, it’s a place where I can write more daily-life than full-length-novel. I love sharing books and budgeting, and I love writing short pieces about motherhood and childhood and the crazy things kids do. Secondly it’s a platform for my website practice. It’s an easy place to experiment with what I’m learning in website design and development. I’m not sure where this endeavor will take me. Will it be a platform to market my books? A homeschooling blog venture? A book and curriculum review site?

I wish I knew, but I think it’s one of those things that is going to have to grow and develop with me. I’m not going to gain any focus just by sitting on my hands and thinking about it. I need to be working it out and doing it. So, if you’re following along, I appreciate your patience and willingness to come on this journey with me. What would you like to see more of? Book reviews, budgeting, homeschooling, life? Something that isn’t one of those things? Ultimately, I want to write pieces that are purposeful, to one end or another. Let me know what you think!