Cindy-Lou Who, Christopher Robin, and Heidi

Since books are such a big part of our lives, sometimes I find myself trying to compare my children to literary characters–my own little real life Buzzfeed quiz. And every once in a while I strike gold and find an analogy that is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

It all started yesterday with Eva’s first teeny ponytail.

Something about those tiny little sprouts of hair always makes me remember Cindy Lou Who in “The Grinch”. 

Except for crazy hair though, there’s not so much of a similarity, unless being tiny and adorable counts. (Does it?)

Anyways, Klaus’ analogy is much better. He’s a real life Christopher Robin. From the top of his sandy head to Dog and Bear, his mostly inseparable companions. 

Sometimes he even wears a little yellow rain jacket. He’s the sweetest mix of little boy crazy and affection. One minute he’s all but swinging from the ceiling fan and the next he’s walking around dragging Dog and Bear (yes, those are their names-Original, right?) looking impossibly cute. I feel like he and the Hundred Acre Wood would get along just fine. Also, he loves Pooh Bear. 

I was really struggling to find an analogy for Sophia though, and then it came to me during our read aloud. She is a perfect Heidi. 

Yesterday she wore 3 shirts, just like Heidi on her way to the Alm Uncle. But, she has no qualms about running around mostly naked. Also like Heidi on her way to the Alm Uncle. But more important than either of those two amusing facts, is the more impressive personality similarity. In the book, Heidi is full of questions and will talk all day long, whether anybody can hear her or not. That is Sophia in a nutshell. Sweet, inquisitive, and so very chatty. I don’t think she ever stops talking unless she’s sound asleep! A few days ago she was playing with playdoh during quiet time, the only person in the room, and she talked the.whole.time. Also she loves flowers, and gets so excited by the bright golds, pinks, and purples in the evening sunset that we have to all ooh and ah for a time before life goes on. She makes us take a moment to smell the roses, literally and figuratively. 

So there ya go. My kids, the characters. Oh how I love them!