Two Days and Our Thankful Tree

Two days into the month of thankfulness and we have our thankful tree officially started. I didn’t even realize that this had become a tradition until I realized that this is the 3rd year we’ve had one. 

They’ve varied in forms and beauty. Two years ago was an odd assortment of pipe cleaners with “leaves” held in a vase. Last year it was just a construction paper tree with pasted leaves that we stuck on the fridge. This year is my favorite so far though. 

We started out on November 1st, picking up some fallen branches and cutting long brown grasses out of the woods at the grandparents before heading home. (We’re thankful for family close and beautiful homes in the country). 

Today we assembled the various pieces in a vase and started making our thankful leaves. (We’re thankful for pretty red vases and craft time)

The leaves are a little sad looking now. They were not as dry as I thought they were! We may have to switch to construction paper leaves as the month progresses… we’ll see. 

We love it, in all it’s Charlie Brown type beauty. This is one way we’re focusing on thankfulness this November! It is so fun! How do you celebrate this season of thanksgiving?