Healthy Groceries on a Budget #4

img_4723Welcome back to my quest for healthy groceries on the cheap!  This week I shopped at Kroger, Aldi, and Walmart.  I was pretty tickled with a couple of the sales I snagged at Kroger.

Kroger had split chicken breasts on markdown for 0.99/lb, and I had a Kroger digital coupon for 1.00 off, so I got a package of those.  There were also Kroger bratwursts on sale for 2.99, and I had a digital oupon for $1.00 off on those too. Tide Laundry detergent was on sale for 5.49 for a 50 oz bottle, and I had a digital coupon for $2.00 off which brought that down to a smashing deal!  I was so excited!

Here are the other things I bought at Kroger.  My total was $25.99


Here is my list from Aldi.  My total was 54.99  

My food total at Walmart was 18.88

So, total amount spent on groceries was $99.86.  And $35 on clothes starts us into the rat race of new clothes that fit for winter.  These darn kids just keep on growing! lol

On to the menu…

This week we have a couple of family dinners planned, so I only needed to plan on 5 dinners. I used the slack we created there to get a few different things to expand our repertoire on lunches just a little.

Dinners will be:

Parmesan Spinach Chicken with Salad ~ Chicken Casserole with Olives and Caprese Salad~ Spaghetti or Kale with meatballs (Kale only for me, because the others in the house mock me endlessly over the idea of kale in anything :p)~ Pizza ~ Dublin Coddle with Soda Bread.

I know the Dublin thing is super random, but I decided to pull one of my many cookbooks off the shelf and actually use it, so I’m doing a whole meal out of my Irish Pubs Cookbook this week.  Dublin Coddle is an oven stew, and Soda Bread is the traditional side to it.  The bread is not THM, and the stew has potatoes, but my plan is to make this my splurge this week–I’ll just have a salad or something leftover on Pizza night.  The Chicken casserole with Olives is actually out of my Greek Cooking Cookbook, and it will easily be modified to be Low Carb.


Chicken Salad Wraps ~ Hummus with veggies ~ PB&J or boiled eggs


Eggs or Oatmeal.  We’ll have fruit with the oatmeal, the kids have toast with their eggs.  I have sprouted toast just to make sure I’m getting some carbs in.  Lately I’m having trouble getting my carbs in, and I can ALWAYS tell by my milk supply.  It’s just easier to grab low carb snacks once the day is going, so I generally start the day with a hearty crossover.


More popsicles ~ Banana Oat Smoothie ~ Peanuts ~ Fruit and Cottage Cheese

I made the fudge popsicles out of the thm cookbook. (Well, kind of.  I took the general idea and ran with it.  Considering the result, I don’t really recommend my version of winging it… But I didn’t have all the ingredients) I thought they were good.  They were kind of watery though, and the husband wasn’t a fan, so I’m going to go with fruity popsicles this week.

That’s it for us.  What’s on your menu?