Healthy Groceries on a Budget #3


Hi guys! Welcome back to my quest for cheap healthy groceries.  I wasn’t as happy with the sales at Kroger this week, and ended up getting the majority of my groceries at Aldi.  I did pick up some boneless, skinless chicken breasts at kroger for 1.99/lb, but that’s definitely not up to par with the 0.99/lb chicken breasts I scored last week. I didn’t have any big household items to get this week, so I tried to get some groceries that will bridge the gap next week, when I will definitely have a few bigger staples to stock up on.

Anyways, starting off, with the menus.  Breakfast is exactly the same as the last couple weeks.  Alternating eggs and variations of oatmeal.  Easy peasy, cheap, and super fast.

I want to see if the kids will buy into bean burritos as a lunch this week.  That would be such an awesome, inexpensive addition to my lunch rotation, and it would kind of fill the gap for soup throughout these summer months.

I’ve noticed that we usually end up eating leftovers or something like popcorn on Sunday evenings, so I decided to only plan for 6 meals this week.

I’m trying out the popsicles in the THM cookbook this week, and probably making some little fruit popsicle ones just for the kids too.  It has been SO hot here, we need all the fun, cool snacks we can get.  I really struggle to get my snacks in, but I’m hoping healthy Popsicles might make that easier.

Here are my grocery lists, starting with Aldi:

At Walmart, I bought Pyure (stevia), cashew milk, dark chocolate chips, and hair ties.

Altogether, I spent $36 dollars at Kroger, $48 at Aldis, and $15 at Walmart, for a total of $99. (Used the change from the bottom of my purse so it was all even dollars.) As always, the extra veggies and fruit just go towards miscellaneous snacks and sides throughout the week. So that’s what we’re eating! What’s on your menu?

5 thoughts on “Healthy Groceries on a Budget #3

  1. Heart

    Great job! So how much was this at each place?

    • ElizabethP.

      Oops! Forgot to add that all important detail! Just edited the blog post, but the totals were $36 at Kroger, $48 at Aldi, and $15 at Walmart.

    • ElizabethP.

      Thanks for catching that! I knew I’d forgotten something!

  2. Heart

    In Lexington, I found the cheapest place for frozen vegetables is Meijers brand. I can usually get 32 oz (2 lbs) for right around $2. The main ones I buy are corn, mixed vegetables, and green beans, but they have other types. Since I don’t regularly shop there, I stock up when I go. I’m not sure if they advertise that sale. I check their ad every week online. (This week they have Birdseye veggies 5/$5 and the plain ones, not steam in bag, are in 1 lb pkgs. not sure if they would have Brussels sprouts for that price)

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