One More Times A Million

New babies change life in a thousand different tiny ways. There are the new tiny clothes in the laundry, new pieces of furniture and baby toys that suddenly occupy most free spaces in your home, and the newly essential accessories that go missing at the most inopportune times. (Bulb suction thingy, anybody?)

There are new sweet baby cheeks to kiss, bright eyes to study, and whole new worlds of possibilities to imagine for. 

Having a new baby changes you, and your family, and life in general. It’s true. But it’s the most miraculous change imaginable. It’s exponential multiplication.

Add one small human to the mix, and suddenly there are a million more kisses and perfect baby laughs. 

Somehow, someway, God saw fit to increase our love one more time. It amazes me to remember that it was only 5 years ago when it was just me and my Superman. We loved each other and life was perfect… Until Sophia came around. She turned our world upside down, and set it straight all at once. We didn’t even know we were missing anything until she was born and we couldn’t imagine life without her. 

Two years later when Klaus was born, we were amazed again that such a dynamic change could be so wholly wonderful and completing.

And now here we are again. It’s not particularly surprising anymore–how we have all fallen instantly in love with our new life–but it is still my favorite miracle to ponder during these late night feedings, when the only sounds are the gentle breaths of sleepy people, and the enormous gulps of a tiny baby guzzling her midnight snack. 

Life is different again, but sweeter; our love is bigger than I ever could have imagined five years ago, and our family is more complete with you in it. 

Welcome to the world, baby girl. 
Eva Lorraine 6lb11oz 19.25 inches long

2:50 PM February 26, 2016