Kids Book Reviews ~ Library Haul #25

Welcome back to our Kid’s Library Haul series.  This is a weekly series where I give you snappy reviews of our favorites from our weekly library haul. We read a LOT of children’s books from the library and I like to keep things positive here, so books that I thought were terrible or just mediocre don’t make it into the list… unless I really want to rant about it for a while.  Let us know in the comments which books were winners in YOUR library haul!


#1. Library Lily by Gillian Shields

When Lily learns to read, her mother takes her to the library and shows her all the books there, and from that minute on Lily is unstoppable.  She reads all the time, everywhere, and she would rather read than do anything else.  When, one day, she is compelled to stop reading and play outside for a while, she makes a friend who shows her that as much fun as books are, there are just as many adventures to have in real life as there are in books.

This was a great story that both extolled the virtue of literacy and the value of experience-related knowledge as well. I thought it was incredibly sweet and reasonable too.

We really liked it: 4 out of 5 stars


#2. The Princess Who Had No Fortune by Ursula Jones, Illustrated by Sarah Gibb

Not all princesses have fortunes.  Some don’t even have cooks and gardeners. Some do not go to every dance.  Some don’t even have princes, and the princess with no fortune is quite okay with that.  One day though, a young man arrives, offering to help her in any way he can.  The question is, who is he?  Confusion abounds in this delightful twist on your average princess tale.

Besides being a thoroughly sweet story, the illustrations in this book are gorgeous and whimsical.  Sophiapea was pretty enthralled.

We loved it: 5 out of 5 stars


#3. Cars Galore by Peter Stein

Shapes, colors, and sizes abound in this rhyming parade of cars.  This is a board book, and definitely more for the youngest set, but it is a fun, quick read that your older child should manage sitting through without too much trouble.  Klaus is the perfect age for it (almost 2), and even though Sophia is much more into the bigger picture books, it was fast and entertaining enough to keep everybody happy.

We really liked it: 4 out of 5 stars