2020 Reading Challenge – July and August

August was a month for the history books. Writing them, not reading them. We started school, traveled out of state for a wedding, and spent several days in the hospital finding out that our youngest child, Sieg, has Type 1 Diabetes. The last four weeks have been a legitimate blur. I didn’t even realize that I had missed my post about the books of July, until just now!

Shockingly, I’ve still read a moderate amount. Still on track to meet my end-of-year goal, though admittedly slacking off in my educational reading in every other area EXCEPT Diabetes Education, and a little heavy on the light fiction.

There were 8 books in August, after a happy 14 in July.

To be honest though, as much as I’m still enjoying my reading and reading as much as I can, I just don’t have the energy to write about it too. I’m sure I will get back to those recaps again eventually, but I don’t know when.

The diagnosis has been something like having a brand new baby. You have more warning that a baby is coming, and can be mentally prepared for the total disruption of your habits and routine. This just blindsided me. Sucker punch to the jaw. Lights out.

Eating, sleeping, schooling, hiking, going to church–everything that was part of our routine before has been reimagined. Some things that were the easiest parts of our day are now stressful and disruptive. Even my favorite free, quiet moments of the day have been absorbed into the incessant stream of well-being decisions. We’re still in the adjustment phase and trying to decipher the new normal. I know it. I know the new normal will come. I know I’ll figure out how to make space for my writing again. I’ve just had enough babies to not expect it to show up fast.

It’s a bummer in so, so many ways, but here we are. And even in the chaos, it’s a peaceful place. It will be all right. We’re all learning, ‘in everything, give thanks’.

And boy, if caring for Type 1 does nothing else, it makes you appreciate your functional pancreas!