Life With Four: Finding a New Normal

Sometimes life happens and routines (blogging routines, for example) are upset for no good reason with no good excuse.  Other times, routines are upset for good reason and continue to be upset without excuse.  Occasionally, routines are upset for good reason and with good excuse.  This last break has been one of the latter, and I’m proud to introduce Siegfried, the newest pea in our pod.

Siegfried Joshua

Siegfried was born on June 23rd at 4:14AM.  He weighed 8lbs,12oz and was 20.5 inches long.  He is such a perfect little rainbow and we are so thankful for God’s preservation.

Of course, the party doesn’t stop when a fourth voice enters the ruckus, so we’ve been busy getting adjusted to life as parents of four.  I’ll be totally honest–It was overwhelming at first.  Especially when my Superman went off to work and I was on my own.

Happily, like everything else in parenthood, you do get used to it.  Or rather, you realize that even the toughest moments are survivable and everything else is gravy.  At some point, I HAD to take them all out.  After a particularly gnarly incident that involved a baby in the wrap, a peeing toddler, no extra shorts, and 4 of us crammed into a teeny stall in TJ MAXX, I had my moment of truth: Even on the worst trip out, it’s over when I say it’s over, and we go home.  That has been most helpful and I feel like with that healthy bite of perspective we’ve been able to settle into more stable routines.

Homeschool Year 2

In July, we also started settling into our school routine.  Sophia is doing 1st grade/2nd grade this year.  I haven’t decided what to call it generally though (This is how homeschool kids end up not knowing what grade they’re in, fyi).  On the one hand, we’re covering second grade material.  On the other, since she only turned 6 in April, I’m afraid saying she’s in 2nd grade makes people expect an older child.  Then again, she’s tall for her age anyways, so most people do expect her to be older than she is already. Hmm.

Anyways, I’m planning on sharing posts about what we’re doing this homeschool year, book reviews on some books we’ve loved, and the ways I’m continuing to pursue my own education.

Postpartum Fitness (On A Budget)

Of course, now that I’ve had the baby, I’m ready to lose the baby weight.  I’m also planning to share about that this fall with a series I’m calling ’40 weeks of Post Partum’.  You can follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates on what I’m doing exercise-wise.  I hope that it’s encouraging to all the other busy mamas out there.  It may take a while.  It will always be difficult to fit into the schedule. But it is worth taking the time to be healthy and fit especially when you have children that you’re chasing or chauffeuring around.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Free workouts on Youtube and walking/running outside are my jam.  I’m not selling (or buying) an expensive program–just trying to be fit in a real-life way.


On a Budget

And, last but not least: budgeting.  We’re saving to buy a house next spring, and are back to our serious savings plan, which means  our budget is back.  Truthfully, it never left, but it feels good to have a big goal to be saving for again.  I’m thinking about  sharing some menu plans and grocery shopping hauls on that note too.  We’re currently spending $500 per month on groceries and household items, and eating a mostly whole foods/keto diet.  The budget wouldn’t have to be so high if we were eating more filler carbs, but we feel great eating this way and need to lose some weight, so it’s a tradeoff we’re willing to make.


So! What are you interested in?

I’d like to be helpful or encouraging (and possibly just comic relief) with my blogging–is there anything you’re especially interested in? Let me know!