Favorite Moments on a Wednesday

Once upon a Favorite Moment

“What day is it?”

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

~ A. A. Milne

We have had a crazy week. And it’s only Wednesday. But it’s not the crazy moments I think I’ll forget, or specifically, want to reflect on in the future. Those are the simple life moments with my people. Too often, I think I forget to practice remembering. The days can seem to fly by or last forever, but in every day there are memories to be made. Here are a few from today.

Garbage Day

favorite moments - watching the garbage truck
Wednesday is a favorite day around here, because it is garbage day. The kids make a beeline for the window as soon as they hear the first rhythmic thumps and beeps of the garbage truck making it’s way around the neighborhood.
I love their tousled hair and snuggling blankets. Most of all, I love the delighted giggles, and Eva’s tiny feet tap-dancing with excitement while she watches.

Love Notes in Math Class

favorite moments - love notes in math
Of all the reasons I love homeschooling, this is right up there. Sophia loves math (98% of the time, anyways) and frequently writes little love notes on the top of her papers. “I love you, Mommy!” is of course one of my favorites, but another that she produced last week was “I am a star!” (with a drawn star, not the word.) It made me laugh. She is a star, in my book at least 😉

Quiet Afternoons

favorite moments - quiet afternoon study
My sister Emily came up for a couple of days to help out and she was coloring with the kids this afternoon while I did some studying. She’s a pretty good artist, and of course the kids were intrigued and wanted to do their own coloring too.

Evening Dressup for Eva

favorite moments - Eva plays dressup
After her bath, Eva went looking through her sister’s clothes and came out with this nightgown. She looked like a baby from Peter Pan with the long, long nightgown. Her hair has the softest curl in the end, just over the back of the nightgown–it’s not very visible in this picture, but it is adorable. She’s always reminding me of a vintage poster-child for a Peter Pan book or something from Winnie the Pooh.

Those are a few of my sweet moments today. Hope you’ve had some sweetness in your day too!