Summer Goals: Walking With Kids



Walking with my kids is one of my big goals for summer.  Neighborhood walks, hikes, walking paths… I want to do them all!  It’s a bit more of a process than I expected it to be though.  On the good side of things though, it has been a fantastic week to be outside.  Delightfully cool-but-not-cold days are NOT usually the norm by June, here in the Bluegrass state.  This time last year we were sweltering and had already installed our little window AC.  This year, we invested in 3 small window fans, and keep those going through the day.

Thanks to those cooler temperatures, we got outside every day this week for good chunks of time, and managed to get a walk in this morning.  At the beginning of June I made this big goal that we were going to go walking  That has not happened.  Not even close!  We’ve walked twice in these past nine days.  It’s so much more involved than I had anticipated. Partly because right now they are slooooow.  It’s a little discouraging, honestly.  It takes so long to get everybody dressed, ready, and out the door, and then a little 1.5 mile walk (on a paved, relatively level path) takes a whole hour.  I need to adjust my expectations, obviously, but it feels like an issue.  My hope is that if we make more of a habit of it, it will get easier.  It will, right?

Walking with 3 year olds

Dealing with Klaus is the hardest part right now.  Eva rides in the stroller, Sophia knows most of the rules of road walking and can walk reasonably.  Klaus is my wild card.  He always has enough energy.  If we don’t get outside at all, he’ll be swinging from the rafters by dinnertime. Not really, but it feels that way.  However, if we walk for an extended period of time, he still wants to ride in the stroller by the end.  I’ve never had a double stroller, and as convenient as it would be, I feel like getting one now would result in regression for him.  Probably just need to buckle down and get him walking up to speed (pun totally intended!)

reading and walking

So, instead of going straight for the marathon, we’re going to try wading.  One walk a week through June.  That’s my goal.  Once a week I can definitely drive to walk somewhere pretty and safe.  And if it’s a really great week, I can venture out in our neighborhood.  Hopefully by July we’ll be able to do a little more!

Do you go walking with youngsters?  What’s your favorite way to manage the ones that are still kind of between stroller and proficient walker but need to be walking?  I’d love to know your methods for coaxing those slow walkers along!