Monday Plans

Monday’s are a momentous occasion for me. I know most people dread them, so this probably makes me weird, but I love them. After the refreshment of the weekend, which usually involves some break from normal work pursuits, I feel ready for the challenge of the week. I spend Sunday evenings with my planner, checking for any outside obligations we have, and then focusing on my personal aspirations for the week. Since I’m a little OCD, that usually takes shape in the form of multiple to-do lists, in multiple formats just to be sure I don’t lose them. I’m sure that’s not the style for everyone, but I think there is a great deal of benefit in even the simplest version of weekly planning. Something as simple as sitting down and writing a paragraph about your intentions for the week can be therapeutic and centering before the craziness begins. 

Monday’s are a blank slate. “Always fresh with no mistakes in it-yet,” as my favorite fictional Anne said about the more general ‘tomorrow’. They’re a chance to right the wrongs of last week, and make the best changes. They set the tone for the week, so it makes sense to try and be as prepared and motivated as possible. 

Get some sleep, enjoy your exercise, eat nourishing food, drink strong coffee, make something beautiful, count your blessings, laugh out loud, and kiss the beautiful faces God has given you. It’s a recipe for a good week! Have the loveliest of Monday’s, y’all 🙂

I will be present. I will cherish this moment. I will nurture joy in my house. I will be patient, not only with my husband and children, but with myself. I will strive to be productive, but if (when) plans go awry, I will go with it. When my soul is weary and my mind is tired of my failures, I will remember that  “on Christ alone, my hope is found” and his grace is all I truly need.