Healthy Groceries on a Budget #7


Another week, another menu plan, another grocery list.  This was one of those humdinger weeks where I had to buy diapers and coffee at the same time.  Luckily, the sales and our schedule for the week are cooperating, and the extra things I was able to buy last week are definitely coming in handy.

This week I shopped at Kroger, Aldi, and Walmart.  Kroger had a lot of really awesome sales going on, between their Back to School Coupon deals and the ongoing Family of Brands sale.  I was a little bummed that I wasn’t in a better position to take advantage of them but that’s just where we are this week.  Que Sera..

The other exciting part of today’s shopping–Aldi’s Little Journey’s product line!  I got my box of 96 diapers for 12.50–13 cents per diaper, if you were wondering.  My usual Luvs were 15cents a piece, even with a coupon!  Saving two cents per diaper isn’t much but hey, every little bit counts! I was excited about it anyways 🙂

Totals were as follows: $19.92 at Kroger, $60.28 at Aldi, $20 at Walmart for a total of $100.20

Here are my lists:




Breakfasts and Lunch are same as always. 

Dinners will be

Shakshuka ~ Cajun chicken and potatoes ~ Pizza ~ Zucchini Lasagna ~ Grilled chicken and salad ~ Slow Cooker chicken Marsalla