Healthy Groceries on a Budget #6


Welcome back to my weekly post about groceries on a budget!  This week, I was really pleased with the sales I found at Kroger, partly due to the valued customer coupons I received.

If you shop at Kroger and you have NOT put your address into your shoppers card profile, do it now!  Every 4-6 months they send out a little flyer with 10-12 GREAT coupons in it.  This time I got free coupons for a 6-8 ct. package of Kroger paper towels, and a 12 oz Kroger frozen veggie.  Completely FREE.  Not buy one get one, just free.  I consider paper towels a luxury item and would just never buy them, but if they’re going to give me a pack?  Sure, why not!?  Conveniently, the last free coupon I got was also for paper towels, and we’ve only just finished up that package, so it really worked out perfectly.

I actually stacked quite a few of those coupons against sales this week, and ended up with some great deals on chicken and single serve yogurts.  I usually just buy a quart of plain Greek yogurt about once a month and make a batch of yogurt each week, using just a little of the greek yogurt as starter for the yogurt culture.  This week, though, the 5 oz. cups of Kroger yogurt were on sale 10/$4, and there was a $1.00 off coupon in the app, so I basically got 50 oz. of yogurt for $3.00.  It’s still a little more expensive than just making it myself, but the kids will enjoy it, and it’s easy.

I spent $39.60 at Kroger this week, and $58.40 at Aldi, for a total of $98.00

This is what I bought at Kroger

And here is what I bought at Aldi


Same old breakfasts and lunches. Eggs, oatmeal, toast, PB&J, veggies and cheese, and leftovers.

For dinner I’m making: One Pan Pesto Chicken and Veggies ~ Chicken Bacon Ranch Layer Salad ~ Pizza ~ Siracha Lime Chicken Salad ~ Chicken Veggie Soup ~ Tacos

On Sunday night we’ll just have leftovers or whatever we can throw together in a hurry.