What I’m Reading

Really, the question should be what am I NOT reading?  I have a stack of books from the library, not to mention the ones on my phone and kindle that I’ve downloaded as a strategic effort to do more to better myself in the inevitable quiet moments of the day (mostly going to the bathroom and breastfeeding) than scrolling through facebook and instagram.  Hey, we all do what we have to do.

anti-federalist_papers federalist_papers

My main reading goal this week is to get through more of the Anti-Federalist Papers.  Superman and I are listening to The Federalist Papers on audiobook any time we’re in the car together.  I read The Federalist Papers once when I was in high school, but they have a lot more meaning now.  The Anti-Federalist papers were basically written as a rebuttal to the Federalist papers.  Both series of essays were written while the United States were debating whether or not to ratify the Constitution.  The Federalist Papers were in favor of the Union proposed under the Constitution (incorporating a larger, more powerful government), whereas the Anti-Federalist papers opposed the idea and leaned more towards a benevolent confederacy between the states, and no federal government.  Both sets of papers are phenomenal and bring up some enlightening arguments.


On the Historical Fiction side of things, I am still working towards getting my novel finished. It takes far longer than I think it should to complete each step, but I keep plugging away and reading lots of historical fiction to keep myself inspired. This week I’m reading The Lighthouse by Eugenia Price.


Rereading the Harry Potter series as well. I have The Half-Blood Prince on audiobook from the library and it is making my life ten thousand times better anytime I have to clean or cook.  Audiobooks can be a struggle for me, because I have a hard time focusing if I’m not following words on a page–whether I’m taking notes or reading along.  The exception is Harry Potter, and the reading by Jim Dale.  I am unfailingly riveted.


If, by some miracle, I happen to get through all of that, I plan to start reading a history book about the French Revolution (Liberty or Death by Peter McPhee), finish up Mark Twain’s Letters to the Earth, and The Glass Sword by Victoria Ayevard.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, but those are my main reading priorities this week.  We’ll see what I can actually squeeze in between endless books about princesses and motorcycles 😉

What are you reading?