I’ve been thinking about this little blog for several weeks, wanting to get back into the habit of posting the weird little quirks of our day to day life.  I miss those quick little posts, and I love remembering the random crap my kids do that makes me feel like writing about it.  Unfortunately, the thought of coming back to it after 8 (yes, 8!!!) months has just been completely overwhelming.  But there’s really nothing to do for such a dilemma except jump in.  So, this cold and calm Saturday morning, I’m back. 

 One of the biggest reasons for my very long silence was our move.  In September we moved from Washington state back to our old stomping grounds in Kentucky.  My Superman is now officially out of the Navy, and started working with a commercial diving company.  We bought our first little house (in cash!) and are enjoying being so much closer to our parents and siblings.  We are currently in the middle of a serious effort to write a book about our home-buying experience, and I am working like mad to try and finish the edits on my hopefully-soon-to-be-published novel that I’ve already been working on for way to long.  My goal is to have all the edits done by March.

Why March?  Because March 2nd is when we’re due to welcome our 3rd little Pea.  Klaus was a week early, though, and I think it would be only fair for Eva to be a copycat in that regard.  I know, I know, babies have their own time tables.  I’m not counting on it.  But I’m 33.5 weeks pregnant, I’ve gained more weight than I have before, in spite of religious exercise and eating well.  Trying my hardest not to be too freaked out about that, but it’s a daily struggle since I’m right around the same weight I was when I DELIVERED the other two.  Oy vey.  So basically I feel like I’m allowed to have this one fantasy where I have her about a week early, all this extra weight is just fluid and stuff that disappears in the first two weeks postpartum, and all the working out pays off in the end so I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans out the first time I venture into the world after giving birth.  Yeah. Oh, I crack myself up…

Anyways, that’s where we are today.  We’re enjoying a lazy Saturday in the adorable little house that we’ve kind of fallen in love with.  I can hear my happy kiddos playing, my Superman is nearby, and sweet little #3 keeps making my belly jump with her hiccups.  Life is so sweet, and we are blessed beyond measure. 🙂

And just like that, I’m back in the blogging world 😉