Reading Goals 2016

Since the beginning of a new year is such an ideal time to set goals and make plans to be productive, I thought I’d do a short post detailing some of my reading and blogging plans for the New Year.  My posting has been a bit sporadic lately, though not for lack of reading.

Kids books are generally one of my big focuses, and I’m looking forward to getting back to our weekly Kids Library Haul posts.  Our library has been closed since around Thanksgiving, as they are moving to a brand new building that will be very close to my house.  I’m way too excited about it 😀 Anyways, we’ll be back with our library posts whenever they open, probably towards the end of January.

I’m also looking to incorporate more preschool and learning activities into my reading sessions with the little Peas.  I’d like to find some ways to relate those activities to the books we read, and if I figure that out I’m hoping to add it to the blog as well.

My personal reading goal is to read 150 books this year.  I started with a goal of 100 last year and met it by July, so I debated whether my goal for this year should be 150 or 200.  I feel like I would have hit 150 very easily in 2015, if I hadn’t been thrown off by our move for a few months.  Still, I have a lot going on this year too–including, but not limited to, bringing our 3rd little Pea into the world sometime early in March–so 150 is probably a good place to start.  Within that goal, I want to be very careful to always be reading some nonfiction.  It is way too easy for me to get completely absorbed in my fluff reading.  It’s fun, but not very productive.  I want to always be learning something.

I plan to keep on writing 1 review a week of something I’ve personally read, and hopefully starting to do a lump post for my own library haul days.  I like to try to limit my reviews to books that I think are really fantastic, for basically the same reasons that I usually only review our favorite kids books.  We just read too much for me to do a review on every book and keep up with all the other writing and housekeeping projects I have going on.

So there you have it.  Our reading goals for 2016.  What reading goals do you have this year?