BOOK REVIEW: Thy Kingdom Come by Daniel Adorno

thy_kingdom_comeReview of: Thy Kingdom Come by Daniel Adorno

Genre: YA, Post-apocalyptic

Dex Finnegan is one of a few survivors left on earth after a biotech virus (Navitas) laid waste to most of the human race and some of the animals, turning them into electricity-starved, feral versions of humans and dogs. Since his parents were killed by these Navitas-infected creatures, Dex has been living with his good friends and next door neighbors, the Grays. As kind as they’ve been, he’s anxious to find his way to the city where he hopes his uncle is still alive, so when they need somebody to make a run to the city for more medical supplies, he is quick to volunteer. Things in the city are worse than he had imagined, with the supplies being taken over by a gang, and hordes of the electricity sucking zombies. Will he be able to help his friends, find his uncle, and avoid contracting Navitas too?

Thy Kingdom Come was a unique twist on the post-apocalyptic zombie theme. The reasoning behind the zombies and how they happened made a lot more sense to me than any other books in the genre. In fact, most zombie books, at least in the YA genre, don’t really bother to try and explain how the zombies began to happen at all. The creatures in Thy Kingdom Come made sense–they were created by a virus that transmitted through the microchip implants in humans and dogs, and they fed off of electrical impulses. The only part I didn’t understand about that whole scenario is how the bites were then contagious as well, even without the microchip implant that opened up susceptibility in the first place.

As far as the rest of the book goes, the story had a pretty good pace and it was very action-oriented. My main complaint is that I didn’t really care for the first person narrative in this story. 1st person narrative is really popular in YA books right now, but in this particular story it just felt so choppy and out of sync with the rest of the story. Part of this might have been because in the kindle format every single paragraph was offset with a big space. It made for very choppy reading.

If you have been a fan of post-apocalyptic scenarios in YA fiction, this is definitely a new book on the scene that you’ll want to check out. It is currently free if you have Kindle Unlimited, and only 2.99 to buy outright. It does appear to lead into a sequel, but since it only came out in the beginning of August, I expect that we’ll have a bit of a wait.

I liked it: 3 out of 5 stars.