Homemaker Monday Linkup

Good morning y’all!  How’s the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time treating everybody?  I have to say, I am not a fan of the whole time change.  It just seems pointless.  Maybe back in the day when everybody was farmers it made more sense, but I kind of doubt it–they always worked sun-up to sun-down anyways.

Anyways, today I’m linking up with Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for Homemaker Monday.

The weather outside is cool and foggy right now, but it’s supposed to clear up and be a gorgeous day in the 60s.  Here’s hoping it lives up to the forecast.  We have plans to meet some friends for a picnic this afternoon and warm picnics are always better than cold picnics.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of overnight oats I started last night.  Warmed up, of course, because cold oatmeal is just nasty to me.  I know, I know, what’s the point of overnight oats if you warm them up anyways?  I don’t know… I just feel like it’s still a quick easy breakfast.

Looking out the window the fog is already beginning to lift here.  It’s a golden fog–you can tell that the sun is behind it.

Right now I am hastily typing out this post thinking about the lineup of stuff I need to get done before we head out.

Looking around the house It is pretty clean!  Yesterday I did a kind-of-spring clean.  The kids have already pulled some stuff out already, but it’s just little clutter.  My biggest problem today is the mountain of laundry I need to fold.  It can’t be avoided though.  Sophiapea is calling it The Mountain.

Today’s To-Do List ~ Fold laundry ~ Put dinner in slow cooker ~ Try to get my kids to keep some clothes on for long enough to get them out the door.

Currently reading ~ The Selection ~ The Astronaut Wives Club ~ Fragments

On the TV ~ Nothing right now, but I’ll probably have Grey’s Anatomy playing while I tackle The Mountain

On the Menu This Week ~ Slow Cooker Jambalaya ~ Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes ~ Chicken with Creamed Spinach ~ Broccoli Cheese Soup ~ Taco Salad

What I am creating Still plugging away at the persnickety last chapter of my historical novel.  SO. CLOSE. It’s driving me crazy.

Favorite Photo I know–there’s a foot in it–but this picture cracks me up.


Inspirational Quote 

I am so bad at thinking of these things on the spur of the moment… and so you get this: In honor of laundry day

Have a great Monday!