Tea Party Manipulation

Sophiapea is leaning against the counter, watching me as I unload the dishes.
“Mommy, what are you doing?”
“Just unloading the dishes, baby. What are you doing?”
“Yes! Say I”
I look at her, wondering what new trick she’s up to, but I repeat after her anyways. “I…”
“Will…” She chirps on, a wide smile blossoming on her face.
“Will…” I repeat.
“Do dat! Say do dat! Say I will do dat!”
“I will do that.” I agree, most amiably, if I do say so myself. “Now what exactly have I just promised to do??”
“Have a tea party!” She squeals, almost jumping up and down with excitement.
What do you say to that?!?


Yes, obviously. Say it.