Burning The Midnight Oil

And the 2 o’clock oil, and 10 pm oil, and (obviously) the 4 am oil. (Because it’s 4 am right now.)

It started off so innocently last night. Klaus’ nightly ritual of waking up for a snack right as I start to drift off to sleep is nothing new. He’ll fuss for a bit, I’ll pick him up and tuck him into my arms, and without ever even opening his eyes he’ll settle back into the long heavy breaths of baby sleep. Most of the time it is not even an issue. It’s our little extra “hi, baby. Goodnight, baby. ”

But for whatever reason last night, it wasn’t enough. When I tucked klaus back into his bed he rustled around, but I crawled back into my bed, snuggled up to my superman and fell asleep pretty instantly. Only to be awakened by cries within the hour.
So I hop out of bed again, hurry across the room to get him up before he wakes anybody else.
He eats. I doze. He sleeps. I try to put him back to bed.
By the next hour all bets are off when he starts crying, because the monologue in my head has switched from, “aw, hungry baby.” To
“how is he hungry again?”
“This made sense when he was a newborn… Nine months later, not so much.”
And most of all
“Dear Lord, I want to sleep.”

But really, all the mental griping doesn’t matter because of course I hop out of bed again and go get him.
He eats. I doze. He sleeps. I try to put him back to bed.
This time he doesn’t even have the decency to wait until I’m back asleep. He settles right into a cranky tired baby grumble. Not exactly crying but definitely not something anybody can sleep through.
Fine then.
I’m wearing a tread in the carpet between my bed and his at this point and still not getting any sleep, so when we hop back into bed this time, I have no intention of getting up again.
He can sleep with a boob in his mouth if he wants too. As long as he’ll sleep so I can sleep too.

Usually this is the end of it. He falls asleep with us. End of story.

But oh no. Tonight we’re keeping things interesting.
He proceeds to toss and turn and whine for a couple more hours. He is definitely keeping me awake, probably waking up my honey, and not really sleeping on his own either.
I tried everything. Nothing made the child sleep. Or even be still. He wrestled all over the place, cranky and grumbling, until right around 4 I decided I had to put him back in his own bed and at least try to get some sleep.
More fussing.
So now we’re on the couch, he’s suddenly sleeping very soundly, and there are only a few minutes left before my man has to get up and get ready for work.
I feel like I should be waxing poetic about how sweet sleeping babies are, how nice it is that he’s little right now, and how I know it won’t last forever. But let’s be realistic. He’s nine months old and I just got a grand total of about two hours sleep. It is significantly worse than usual, but he always wakes up multiple times a night. Not feeling poetic.

But the coffee pot just turned on, so stay tuned. Maybe there will be a 6 AM update.

That was my night.