KIDS BOOK REVIEW: Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist by Jane O’Connor

fancy_nancy_aspiringartistBook: Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist

Genre: Children

After our first encounter with Fancy Nancy at the beginning of the summer, her exploits rapidly became a favorite with my Sophiapea.  In this particular story, Fancy Nancy (“Fandy Dandy” if you’re two) discovers that there is art all around her and she can draw it if she tries.

These books are just adorable, but there are several things I specifically like.

Firstly, the vocabulary.  New words are incorporated in the story either in easy-to-understand context or with a brief definition within the story.  I love it, and Sophiapea is coming out with all manner of precocious vocabulary skills.

Secondly, the illustrations.  They are whimsical and fun, and there are scads of details to discuss when you ire of reading the book for the 400th time.

Thirdly, the morals.  Most of the stories end with Nancy learning a new way to be polite or gracious, and those lessons are some of the most important things for kids to learn young.

Definitely check this series out!

My review: 4 out of 5 stars