How Do I Love Thee- Parenthood style

(This was a joint collaboration on the part of my superman and myself. He started it, jokingly, I added a couple lines and posted it here. We really do love our kids 😉 )

I love thee like a morning, that you’re not awake. 
I love thee like a diaper, that thou didst not poop in. 
I love thee like a little girl, that actually goes to bed when she is told.
I love thee like a trip to the library, without a tantrum when we must depart. 
Oh yes, sweet toddler, I love thee. 

I love thee like the sound of silence, when thou hast gone to bed. 
I love thee like the peaceful cup of coffee and reading the news before thou awakes. 
I love thee like the moon–all the way to it and back. 
Oh yes, Sophia my sweet, I love thee. 


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