Multiplication and Fractions

Two years.  Two first breaths.  Two bright pairs of eyes.  Two sets of perfect fingers.  Two sets of exquisite toes.  Two brand new smiles–one with dimples, one without.

Two is new, for us.











There are twice as many dirty diapers.  Twice as many bottles of baby shampoo.  At least twice as many wakeful nights.  Two times as many pacifiers.  Double the lost socks.

Half the amount of “free” time, and I daresay the floors will be dirty twice as quickly as before.  The dishes will pile faster, and probably sit longer before I manage them, and the same for the laundry. Grocery shopping will be more of a three-ring circus act than before.  Naptimes will be more precarious.  There will doubtless be more sick days, and nights spent wiping drippy noses and worrying over winter coughs.

But, that’s only half the story.











There are twice as many giggles.  Twice as many hugs.  More rounds of sweet “good-night” wishes, and happy kisses.  One more to fill an arm, hold a hand, and take possession of your heart with a strength you never imagined.

Twice as many laughs. Two subjects for photography, and treasure troves of truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories.

There are two now, and altogether we are four.  Who knew multiplication could be so sweet?!











Introducing the New One–Klaus Daniel

Born April 9th, 2014